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Range : Unihciller & Minichiller for Laboratory, Kilo lab, and for Process Chilling Application.

Simple to use, Huber chillers have small footprints, are robust, with modern energy management, flexible functionality and modular technology these are the results of designs without compromise.

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Chillers are well known refrigerators which add a cooling effect to the samples or even the processes so as to preset the temperatures by removing the effect of heat from the application devices. The chillers of Huber are very compact and are designed in a creative manner so that they can effectively remove the heat from the applications. They are not only extremely pocket friendly, but they also address space constraints in the business or the lab and accurately control the temperature.

The chillers for the industry are more meant for the numerical-controlled lathes/ injection moulding machines/food items & medical apparatus/ plating process/ lasers/die-casting machines. Two kinds of chillers i.e. Mini chillers and Uni chillers are considered exceptionally brilliant and mainly used as an economical as well as an eco friendly alternative to the tap water for the process cooling. Specifically the new uni chillers with an air or water cooled refrigeration systems have been made available with the cooling powers from 1.7 Kw for conventional lab applications to more than 50 Kw for the pilot applications. The Mini Chillers is unbelievably smaller and quite but powerful enough to ensure that the cooling is stable & within range.

The Huber chillers have many remarkable qualities. To name a few, they are robust, have smaller footprints, have the most advanced energy management/ modular technology and offer a very flexible functionality to its users. And one point worth noting is all these features come without any compromise on the designs. The energy management system which it deploys is very brilliant and eco friendly and helps in reducing the operating costs along with the heat emissions. The lower temperatures undoubtedly increase the efficiency & the recovery rates in the process of gas condensation. It is supreme from the tap water as it facilitates a desired set point which can be selected between -10/20 ◦C to 40 ◦ and can be controlled with stability in temperature of 0.5 ◦C. The range of available products includes 27 air cooled & 26 water cooled models along with a cooling power ranging from 0.3 Kw TO 50 Kw. Most of the models can be pre-fitted with a heater in the factory and the casings are made out of high quality stainless steel which ensures a longer life.

The added advantage of warranty:

The Huber products usually offer a 12 month guarantee period for its esteemed buyers effective from the invoice date. An option for providing an extended guarantee can also be considered by Huber if the unit is registered online by giving the serial number of the unit as well as detailed information about users.

The guarantee period for plugs and the play electronic components is 3 years.

The guarantee period for refrigeration components is 2 years.

The guarantee period for mechanical & the electrical components is 1 year.
(International Warranty class/Terms Apply).

The key features are listed below:

  • The tower design brings in space saving and has smaller dimensions
  • The product has a very durable construction made of robust stainless steel and has high cooling powers.
  • All the functions in the product are listed alphabetical order.
  • The display and the function keys have a splash protection.
  • It has a very large & bright TFT display.
  • It has rotary input/function keys and is very simple to use due to an easy control feature.
  • It has a reliable & continuous operation with an alarm feature/early warning functions.
  • It has high flow rates for an optimal transfer of heat.
  • It is equipped with a digital level indicator and is very simple to both fill and drain
  • It has A CC-Pilot with a Plug and Play technology.
  • It has a RS232 interface& connection for an optional [email protected] i.e. the Namur Standard
  • It puts in place stronger pumps for systems which have large drops of pressure.
  • It has an External Pt100 sensors via a 4-wire lemo connector
  • It has a 5-Point calibration, an IP-class to IEC EN 60529: 21

Options (factory fitted)

  • It has a Heater and has an adjustable option over temperature protection.
  • It has a Variable pressure Control (VPC) with a step less variable bypass plus a pressure sensor.
  • It has a feature of operation on the winters as well so that it can be even used in low temperature conditions in external environments.
  • For environmental temperatures up to 45 degrees C, there are specific tropical versions for weather protection.
  • Stronger pumps can also be made available.
Chillers Range Highlights
Temperature Range : -20 to + Ambient ( option : Heating). Special Versions from -30 to Ambient
Chilling Capacity : Small applications to Process Chilling. 300 watts to 50 K Watts.
Pump Capacity : Small to Powerful pumps