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A cryostats is a device used to maintain cold cryogenic temperatures of samples or devices mounted within the cryostat. Cryostats have numerous applications within science, engineering, and medicine. Huber Cryostats has been specially designed for use in microscopy, imaging, and high spatial resolution photoluminescence. The cryostats is usually a stationary upright freezer, with an external wheel for rotating the microtome. In order to achieve temperature lower than liquid helium additional cooler stages may be added to the cryostats. The cryostat geometry offers a short working distance (for use with high magnification optics), and permits mounting on common microscope stages and translators

Ultra Low Temperature Circulators Down to -90 deg C are proven versions with Huber

Temp. Range : Upto -90 to 200 deg C.
Cooling Power : Upto 600 Watts @ - 80 deg c.
Circulating Pump : Both for internal and for External purpose
Body MOC : Both SS & Transparent PC Types
Display : Large TFT with Graphics.
Condenser Type : Air OR Water Cooled type
Controller : Microprocessor Based Truly Adaptive Control
Plug and Play : Controllers can be swapped in a minute.