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Process Temparature Control Systems

Process Temparature Control Systems

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Laying its roots more than 20 years back in history, the versatile thermoregulation of the Uni-stat range had introduced a benchmark which created a different path for the field of the fluid temperature control. The Unistats over the years have proved to be a very ideal candidate for the quick and exact overall thermal control of the applications connected externally. They have a superior way of managing rapid temperature change and have a quality of addressing a wide temperature range without a corresponding fluid change.

The clients have a broad range of 50 models to make a choice from with the cooling powers ranging from 0.7 to 130 Kw. Irrespective of the kind of the application, the Unistats have come up with a professional scale-up for offering a replication of the stable process conditions originating which development lab to that of the production systems.

The bliss of Warranty:

The Huber products usually offer a 12 month guarantee period for its esteemed buyers effective from the invoice date. An option for providing an extended guarantee can also be considered by Huber if the unit is registered online by giving the serial number of the unit as well as detailed information about users.

The guarantee period for plugs and the play electronic components is 3 years

The guarantee period for refrigeration components is 2 years.

The guarantee period for mechanical & the electrical components is 1 year.
(International Warranty class/Terms Apply).

Product Range Highlights
Temp. Range : -120 to + 425 Deg C
Process Size : R&D to Production Scale
Single Fluid : -90 to + 200 Deg C. One Thermic Fluid.
Process Sample Qty : 50 ml to 20 KL.