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Refrigerated Circulators

Refrigerated Circulators

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The call from the market is more for a broad range of circulators which are of a lower temperature with a very robust, compact and a potent design. This is why Huber has become a favourite supplier since we use refrigerators which are very eco friendly.

Refrigerators might often face external loads. Keeping this scenario in mind, we have incorporated optical displacement inserts which reduce the bath volumes to such a level that an extra calibre is built for handling in such pressures. To add to the flexibility, various options like [email protected]/ RS232/RS 485/ Programmable volt free contact/ ECS & Level Monitoring. These ensure that safe & continuous heating as well cooling tasks in the lab are well delivered. Also, the regulations with respect to the variable speed are maintained along with an efficient pressure control.

Warranty add on and benefits:

The Huber products usually offer a 12 month guarantee period for its esteemed buyers effective from the invoice date. An option for providing an extended guarantee can also be considered by Huber if the unit is registered online by giving the serial number of the unit as well as detailed information about users.

The guarantee period for plugs and the play electronic components is 3 years

The guarantee period for refrigeration components is 2 years.

The guarantee period for mechanical & the electrical components is 1 year.
(International Warranty class/Terms Apply).

Product Range Highlights
Temp. Range : Upto -55 to 200 deg C.
Cooling Power : Upto 7 Kwatts @ 20 deg c
Circulating Pump : Both for internal and for External purpose
Body MOC : High quality Stainless steel
Display : Large TFT – with Graphics.
Display Resolution : 0.01 / 0.1 deg C.
Controller : Microprocessor Based Truly Adaptive Control
Plug and Play : Controllers can be swapped in a minute.