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Water Bath

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Huber offers a wide range of Water Bath Circulators, both as Transparent Polycarbonate as well as Insulated SS-types with varied bath opening size to match various laboratory application needs. Various types of accessories v.i.z. Test tube racks, height adjustable inserts, pump adapters, etc.. are a ready solution at Huber, apart from working on accessories that are needed for special applications Water bath are used in industrial pharmaceutical laboratories, academic facilities, government research laboratories, environmental applications as well as food technology and Quality testing laboratories at Chemical plants. Huber Water bath are having High quality and excellent temperature stability, in a value-for-money package designed to meet the needs of clients.

3-2-1 Warranty benefits

The guarantee for all Huber products is normally 12 months from the date of invoice.Huber will give an extended guarantee as listed below, if unit is registered online by giving seriel number of the unit & the user details.

3 years for plug and play electronic components

2 years for refrigeration components

1 year for mechanical and electrical components
(International Warranty class/Terms Apply )

Water Bath Range Highlights
Temp. Range : Upto 100 deg c ( and 300 deg C with oil).
Bath Opening : Varied possibility
Circulating Pump : Both for internal and for External purpose
Body MOC : Both SS & Transparent PC Types
Display : Large TFT with Graphics.
Display Resolution : 0.01 / 0.1 deg C.
Controller : Microprocessor Based Truly Adaptive Control
Plug and Play : Controllers can be swapped in a minute.